Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why I Can Trust God

Sometimes you follow a course of action without really thinking about it. For instance, I've trusted God most of my life. I believe he knows my life and knows what is best for me. If I faithfully live for him I can trust him to bless me.

I can't say I've given it a lot of thought as to why I trust him, though. This past week I was reading in the book of Job. It's an interesting book that raises a lot of questions. Near the top of my list is why God allowed Satan to inflict such suffering on Job. But I think the real question that comes from reading Job is, Can I trust a God who would allow this to happen to someone?

While pondering that I read Job 34:10 and came to the conclusion that God can do no wrong. If he did wrong or acted unjustly, he wouldn't be God. I mean, if he did wrong or acted unjustly he wouldn't be perfect and I don't want a god who isn't perfect.

So when God allowed Satan to inflict pain and suffering on Job did he act justly? Though I can't explain it, I think so. The closest I can come to understanding this is to look for an example I can understand.

A child often thinks their parent acts wrongly or unjustly. The real issue is that the child sees only from his or her perspective. Mom or Dad is acting justly, but the thinking of a child just doesn't see that.

My spiritual immaturity may make me question God's actions, but he's still God. So, despite sometimes not understanding why God does what he does or allows things to happen, I'm going to continue to trust him.

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