Monday, June 9, 2008


Recent events in my life gave me cause to think about the blessing of family. I was blessed to be born in a Christian home with loving parents. As my family expanded through marriage, children, and grandchildren I have experienced more love than one deserves.

On May 28 our second granddaughter, Liza Madden Davis, was born. There were a couple of moments of concern after she was born, but God is good and Liza is now home with her parents and big sister. As I returned home and thought about the experience several thoughts came to mind.

Family is precious. Everyone is born into one, but some are not as blessed as others. To have a family that loves each other and wants the best for each other is a blessing not all have. God has blessed me with a loving family.

One can do well in his/her chosen profession. You can distinguish yourself academically. You may have the biggest house on the block or the finest car money can buy. However, all of those things pale in comparison to family. My greatest desire is to worship and serve my heavenly Father. My next priority is to be the husband and father my family needs. That means they need to be able to see my Lord in all my life.

Father, thank you for parents who love me unconditionally. You allowed me to grow up in a Christian home where you were loved. Thank you for a godly wife who's worth more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10). Thank you for children, including our daughter-in-law, who love you. And thank you for two beautiful granddaughters.

Father, I love you and ask you to guide me so that I can be a godly example for my family.

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