Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's Real Beauty?

Every morning, as I drive to my office, I have the joy of looking out my car window at the hills of Shawnee National Forest and marvel at God's creation. Recently our daughter was married in Jamaica. I had not been to Jamaica, and I have to say I again found the beauty of God's creation, this time in the sea and sky from the coast of Jamaica. Back at home I found our roses in bloom and observed up close another beauty of God's creation.

In the past month, though, the greatest joy I found in God's creation was the creation of our daughter. On the day of her wedding ceremony I took her arm to walk her across the beach to the wedding arbor and I marveled at how beautiful God had created her. Back at home I looked at pictures of the ocean at sunset and at my daughter at her wedding and the most beautiful picture of God's creation was my daughter.

I realize that, as her father, I am biased toward my daughter. I love her and I admit to my bias. But how can anything in the world compare to the beauty of mankind, created in His own image?

My daughter, son, and wife were created in His image. You and your loved ones were created in His image. I'm looking for the beauty of God in each person of His creation. How about you?

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