Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home, Really!

My last blog entry was about home. I was getting ready to travel and lamented how much I really enjoy being home. After I wrote it I began thinking about home. My Father impressed upon me that when I got home again I would not really be home.

You see, since I have become a follower of Jesus, the Christ, my Heavenly Father has a home for me in heaven. My Bible tells me that Jesus returned to heaven to prepare a home for me there. My Bible also reminds me that I am an alien here. That means this is not really my home. Instead, I am a pilgrim passing through a foreign land.

While I am here, though, I am my Father's ambassador, telling others about Jesus, who died on the cross for them. I am here on business --- my Father's business. My greatest challenge is to remember that this is only a temporary home for me.

In fact, the physical place I live on this earth is really just a motel suite where my Father allows me to stay (and covers the expenses for me) while I am about His business.

So, though I am back at that physical place I call home, I'm not really home yet. And, I find myself longing to be home, really home. I'm like the Apostle Paul at that point. I am certainly happy to enjoy the blessings of this world and I am blessed that God has chosen to use me as His witness. But, I am also desirous of leaving this place and finally arriving home.

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