Saturday, January 24, 2009


This year I've started a new Bible reading plan. I will take the year to read through the Old Testament. While I am doing that I will read following a different plan for the New Testament. I'll read the same passage for a month. If it's a short book I'll read the entire book each day for a month. The longer books I'll divide into five or six chapters and read that section for a month. I figure it will take me about two and a half years to read through the New Testament that way, but I'll have a greater understanding of the New Testament.

Right now I am reading the book of 1 John. Reading it every day has been enlightening. I have been impressed anew at the importance of love. It is the hallmark of Christian faith. John reminds us that God is love, and that one who loves God must love others. Failure to love others is an indication that one does not know Jesus as Lord and does not love God.

As I re-read 1 John each day I cannot escape that simple truth, and I find myself examining my life. Do I really love others, regardless of who they are? Am I demonstrating the love of God each day? I pray daily that God will love others through me and that I may be a living demonstration of His love for others.

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